The language of love is complex, With words, not easily explained. Affection evidently present, But words to tell cease flow. All we feel is the attraction, Dwelling in the loudest silences- Silences that surpass words. The chemistry of searching eyes, Misty eyes as morning dew. Butterflies in your stomach, They play hide and seek. Their … Continue reading PHEROMONES


To cultivate the best attitude, I've got to show gratitude. With all I've got I'm thankful, Of testimonies I got a tank full. Without 'thanks' this can't pass, That would be a faux pas. From my cradle till forever, God's faithfulness ever nova. I remember when I was eighteen, Now I'm no longer a teen. … Continue reading GRATITUDE


The music played, louder by the minute Swaying to its rhythm, you let it carry you to the skies and beyond Their footsteps seem to be closing in, Still you rise, Closer they come monstrous teeth bared, sharp claws ready, Still you rise, It becomes an endless game of hide and seek, The closer they … Continue reading SKYBOUND