This narrative of the black family in America always been inadequate. It has never told the full story of what I know about black love. via An Ode to Black Families: A Reading List — Longreads


Christ’s death was needed for our salvation; but it was not to appease an angry Father. There are several theories in the Christian world about how Jesus Christ saved us from sin and reconciled us to God. Traditional Christianity teaches that the human race had turned away from God and God was angry and ready […] … Continue reading WHAT DID JESUS ACCOMPLISH BY HIS DEATH ON THE CROSS

ULTIMATE GUIDE TO NUTRIENTS : SUGAR— THE PURPLE ALMOND As a continuation of my “Ultimate Guide to Nutrients”, today I’ll discuss sugar. So, just what is sugar? Sugar is considered a “simple carbohydrate”. Here is a refresher on simple carbohydrates, from my previous carbohydrate article: via Ultimate Guide to Nutrients: Sugar — The Purple Almond

Kimberly, No Longer With the Good Hair


Rose Weitz, who writes about the importance of hair in the lives of women, says that we are sending a message with our locks; that hair—whether fine, kinky, purple, or cut close to the scalp—is “part of a broader language of appearance, which, whether or not we intend it, tells others about ourselves.”

Changing my hair transformed my relationships and my identity. When I changed it, it almost felt like I was being reborn, being given another chance to recast, re-create who I was—sassy, obedient, sexy, demure. But around my grandmother, I often followed her lead, walking with the weight of her expectations and the benefits of her struggle. She bought me clothes, jewelry, and gym memberships and mailed me newspaper clippings about which fruits and veggies I should eat to lose weight faster.

When hair is bound up with identity, history, and family, a hairstyle can bring women closer — or…

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