It was a sunny day but all i could see was a fog. I never treated her right, or did i? Who do i blame after all? Strong men don’t cry they said… You hit a knee? Don’t cry, you break a leg? Man up! Your father dies in an accident? Console your sisters. Well it works… Until it doesn’t! And all the bottled up emotions make you an emotional midget. I should have known, the signs were there; she wasn’t arguing anymore, was always staring into space, emotionally distant but no i wouldn’t crack! I tried to shake her up instead, tried to get a rise from her as usual, i even left the toilet seat up! But this time she was done, i could tell.

I had a plan to make this right, a dinner at the Radisson Blu, With expensive diamond earrings to celebrate the acceptance of my weakness… But now all there is to witness the tear drop is a note. Surreal it seemed each time i read… One more time and i might see “pranked!” while she walks in through the door….

…continues in the next post


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