Alone I stand,
with folded arms;
Drowned in pains caused by trust,
left to mourn the friends I’ve lost
My heart bleeds from all the hurt,
but with every drop I’ve sworn to love
As blurry as my faith may seem,
I know hope is somewhere within

Alone I stand,
in life’s cold arms;
Overwhelmed by my fears,
Drowning in my own tears
Exhausted from the wait,
Yet, I have not lost faith
Bless the soul I met today,
Together we’ll create our happy days

Alone we stand,
with arms outstretched;
to friends we hold and foes we fold,
for love and bliss we search to find.
Though grief and plight may come sometimes,
With aims to reap the joy we’ve found
Regardless of the stormy grounds,
We’ll hold on firmly by the hand.

For Gerald


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