To cultivate the best attitude,

I’ve got to show gratitude.

With all I’ve got I’m thankful,

Of testimonies I got a tank full.

Without ‘thanks’ this can’t pass,

That would be a faux pas.

From my cradle till forever,

God’s faithfulness ever nova.

I remember when I was eighteen,

Now I’m no longer a teen.

He gave me breath in may,

My price for life he did pay.

Gave mama laughter of mirth,

She on may cinq gave me birth.

Thanks for wishing me well,

Tales of your success we shall tell.

My God? A gentleman is he,

He keeps opening doors for me.

For my needs he fends,

Gave me wonderful friends.

I don’t ask him my why’s,

Because he’s all wise.

He makes me enjoy nature,

Restricts not his rich nurture:

The soft coos of the morning pigeon,

Distant chatter in English and Pidgin.

Blending harps with voices to sing,

Let ‘happy birthday Darey’ ring.



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