I have been thinking deep, A lot of issues about ‘cheating male partners’, we feel is always the fault of the male for their insatiable lustful desires and the promiscuous female for their greedy material desires they feel can be attained through affairs.

But ladies, we are our own nightmares, we hesitate in helping each other, with us it’s either a competition on looks or possessions. Men just love to play ‘Prince charming’ to ‘damsels in distress’  and some ladies are too distressed to say no.


It’s OK to disagree but then,

How often do empowered ladies, stretch a helping hand to stranded ladies? She may court someone  that can ‘thy husband’ to foot her bills.

How often do ‘Boss ladies’ aid our job seeking females? If you don’t aid in employing that desperate job seeking girl, she may exchange sexual favors  with who knows ‘thy boo’ for the job.

How many times do you ladies with rides offer trekking ladies a lift? If you don’t give that lady trekking down your street a lift, ‘thy fiance’ would drive by and carry her.

When we say What a Man can do a woman can do better, let’s help our fellow females better than they feel any man can help.



Written by Oyegue Anthonia


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