His heart was beating louder than a finely tuned animal skin drum. For the past few minutes he had been staring across the short forbidding distance that separated him from his sinful cravings. Such sweet, supple perfection wrapped in ivory with that enticing shade of dark brown peeking shyly from behind a gold fringed dress. He blinked and swallowed hard trying to push unwanted thoughts from the foreground of his mind, still…. 


It had been a while since he modified his lifestyle to make his wife happy and less fretful, yet in the face of this overt seduction he was now sorely tempted to relapse into old habits. He knew he shouldn’t but the urge was suddenly overwhelming. He knew deep down this was no good for his health, he’d been down this road before and knew it never ended well. A forced abstinence however had worn his patience thin, frayed his nerves and set him tottering on the edge of suppressed desire. To hell with it he thought as he started down the aisle towards temptation, “I’ll indulge myself just this once” he vowed silently.


“Hello” she greeted him pleasantly. “Hi, I’d like to pay for these please” the cashier seemed to beam a knowing smile at him as he guiltily placed two large white-gold boxes of chocolate in front of her, offering his ATM card for the waiting POS. With his mind’s eye he could vividly picture his wife pouting with displeasure, she was such a stickler for healthy eating. He’d worry about that later. Glancing furtively as he left the supermart, he headed for his car thinking of the best place to stash his contraband confectionery.



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