Once upon a time,
A girl fell in love.
And the boy
Was clueless.
He was smart.
He was handsome.
He was funny.
And he was
One more thing as well.
He was unattainable.


And so the girl dreamed.
She dreamed he knew her name.
She dreamed when he made her laugh,He noticed.
And she dreamed one more thing as well.
That he was attainable.


Once upon a time,
That boy fell in love.
And though the girl was
Shy, and
Smart, and
Pretty, she
Ignored him.
So he thought.
And he settled for the
Other girl.


Once upon a time,
The other girl was happy.
She liked showing the boy off.
She liked claiming he was hers.
She saw him as a prize.
A prize to be won,
Shown, and then
Recorded as a victory, but
All the same.


Once upon a time,
The world showed its face.
And that girl was erased,
Erased from this place.
And the boy found a book,
And when he got to he end,
He saw a name that was
Written in pen.
With shock the boy realized
That was his name, and then,
In that second
Nothing was the same.
He’d been wrong, he saw,
She hadn’t been ignoring him
After all.


And once upon a time
When all was said and done
The boy wrote out a letter
For the sake of only one.


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