(Continued from Pander V)

I smiled, I could rule out the option of a partial stroke now, “I’m back Jay I told you I’d return”, he stuttered but he managed to make out the words welcome. I and Jay had been engaged before I left four months back, I needed to find myself, everything seemed to be moving too fast, he didn’t want me to leave but a lot of things were wrong with us, he was slowly turning me into a nymphomaniac and my career was at stake. I couldn’t spend my nights with him, I spent most of my days in the hospital, we couldn’t be an item at the point so I left, he was distraught but I knew about Stacy it was one of the many reasons why I left him, she had paid me a visit once or twice to create a scene, but I knew her type, she was an insecure, innocent girl, Jay already told me about her passively but she wanted to make me feel she could give me a run for his heart. I let her have him but obviously she couldn’t handle him else he wouldn’t be here, I wasn’t too sure but his condition had Stacy written all over it.

I couldn’t believe it was Ruby, my heart began to pound, she was my first love, the woman I could die for but I did her wrong, she was here standing before me her face as radiant as always, her scent still filled the room amidst the smell of drugs and blood, looking at her now I saw the semblance between her and Bella, I remembered seeing Bella at my friend’s bachelor’s party and thinking she was Ruby it was at a second, third and fourth look that I realized she was someone else, that was why I was so drawn to her. “Ruby” I called for her as she was about to leave the room, “I’m really sorry” , she looked back at me and said I’ve missed you Jay.
By the time the clock struck two a nurse came over and handed me a couple of pills and said your free to go now, I asked for my bill and my doctor but she just hurried off like she all of a sudden turned deaf. I figured Ruby didn’t want to see me, so I strolled down a path that seemed familiar trying to find Stacy’s room, it didn’t take long before Stacy found me. She gave me a resounding slap, I was taken aback by this action, she ranted incessantly and I just walked away, I got to my car and picked my cellphone up, I dialled Bella nine times but there was no reply, I needed to be with her, to talk to her, to just see her, but above all to just be far away from Stacy.
It wasn’t long before I heard a knock on my window, I had dozed of on the steering, it was a security man he said I was blocking his boss, I didn’t care, I didn’t want to move, I didn’t know where to go,  it wasn’t long before it became a struggle, I let him stand there and yell, passers by began to gesticulate towards my car but I was unperturbed, I just needed to be here for now, soon he said he was going to get the medical director, I let him leave and sat still. With any luck it’ll be Ruby and indeed it was.
“Jay I need you to move you’re creating a scene here” she said amidst other things her beautiful mouth was saying but I wasn’t listening anymore, “Jay! Jay! Jay!!” she called out before I came back to my senses……….to be continued next week fridayπŸ˜―πŸ˜‰



  1. It’s pretty short oo…. I ws already seeing him fuck ruby
    Jay my guy… Baddest…
    Tho d story makes him look Good, lk he has conscience.. LOLS


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