[Continued from last week Friday PANDER IV]

The week ran by pretty fast but painfully so, Stacy had been giving me the silent treatment, it had seemed funny initially but now that haughty character of hers was driving me to breaking point. I made her breakfast whilst she was still in bed I served her but it was typical Stacy a troublesome human being she threw it at me and without uttering a word left the mess and me in the room. I think that was the final brawl, she didn’t spend the next couple of nights with me. I hadn’t slept alone in years, whilst we dated she slept by my side every night even when we argued, I felt so distraught yet my thoughts betrayed me, I thought of Bella more with every rejection. I seemed to find solace in my thoughts of my favorite thot. By Sunday Stacy wanted to put up appearances as usual, trying to hold my hands as we got out of the car, the nerve of her, she didn’t utter a word to me all week not even in the car and here she wanted me to pretend at the one place we needn’t. But Stacy was more of my boss than my wife, so I acted the part, well until I saw Bella whom I had a surprise for.

I saw him again, as if celibacy wasn’t hard enough for me, my poison still hunted me, why of all parishes did he choose to worship here, and his wife acting all high and mighty I just wanted her to fall or die. She held him as if they were perfect but I knew better, if they were he wouldn’t have sort me out a few weeks back or would he? My dilemma was cut short as I felt someone brush past me and sink something in my hand, I squeezed it immediately, it was Jay, he was so smooth that only both of us knew what had happened. It was a note I couldn’t wait to open, I almost felt my heart pop out from my chest, it read “see you at six at our rendezvous, love Jay”. I was more infuriated than I was excited at this, what did he see me as? His pet, his property? Did he all of a sudden forget that he made me swear to celibacy, I searched for him with my eyes but it seemed like he’d vanished. I resolved to going, a part of me knew that I’d be betraying myself but another part of me wanted the temptation.


As I sat waiting for Bella I began to harbor doubts of her coming, I sat feeling silly cos I now realized how cocky I’d been, I was so insensitive, I decided to just talk to her, ask how she’d been fairing. How celibacy felt knowing her prior occupation. I just needed someone to talk to in the least, why her I could not seem to bring my head around tho, at about a quarter past six there was a knock at the door. She looked so decent and so innocent as she peered into the room, I didn’t know when I got up or walked up to her but by the time I realized myself I was hugging her, very tightly.

I just sank into his embrace, I could tell he needed it, so I let him and it comforted him, I must have blushed like a gazillion times it felt like he cared, I could swear I heard him sob before he let go of me. He asked how I was generally and how the celibacy thing was going, he was really sweet, but he seemed pained, I really didn’t want to pry but if I had learnt anything it was to always try. You seem a little off are you okay I asked.

Do I really look that bad, I asked replying her question with another, she planted a kiss on my forehead and said some days are really hard, have you tried talking to her? I was shocked at her level of understanding, she just looked like a goddess at that moment, I felt a tear run down my face as I tried to speak, she must have seen it too as she leaned over me and kissed me very passionately. That kiss left me wanting but I read something else in that it seemed like a statement, she was trying to tell me something that I didn’t care about at least not now. I got into the bathroom much to her dismay, I needed to gain my balance, I had bottled up too much emotions my anger got the best of me as I screamed and broke the mirror.

I heard him scream, I figured he needed it but the next sound had me running into the bathroom, there was blood all over the white tiles and the mouth wash, he had broken the mirror with his knuckles. He was bleeding profusely now, luckily for us there was a first aid kit in the cabinet that the mirror covered, so I dressed his wounds but seeing him like this just turned me on as did he. After covering up his wounds he picked me up with his better hand and pressed me against the wall, I moaned softly as he nibbled at my ears,fiddling with my buttons with his injured hand I got frustrated and ripped my blouse apart. With that he kissed me so hard that I felt blood in my mouth it would seem his bite was a bit too hard but at this point the pain pleasured me as he thrust himself into me I yelled for joy, yes harder, harder harder I screamed and he obliged hitting even harder. His grip became tighter I felt like I was going to choke to death but I loved it, soon he dropped me and turned me over slipping in gently for a style I loved a lot, he took me from behind squeezing my breasts and then again he grabbed me by my butt cheeks and thrust a little harder, he didn’t seem to be stopping and I didn’t want him to either.


Suddenly my phone began to ring, the ringtone insinuated it was Stacy, I stopped abruptly and picked my call.


Hello, Mr Fineman? Hello…was the voice I heard, it was a strange masculine voice but it was Stacy’s number, I hesitated before answering. Yes this is he, who am I unto please? This is Dr Ken your wife was just brought in here not too long ago, it’s nothing serious though but I gave her some sedatives and she has you as a priority number on her phone, I thought to inform you on her status. What happened to her? I asked desperately. Like I said Sir nothing serious, it’s just that at this stage of the pregnancy there are some things she shouldn’t do, but I’m getting the vibe that it’s a first time for you too so you’re not in the know, at that I cut him short and asked what hospital. As we got dressed I saw the look of guilt, rejection and utter disappointment in Bella’s face, I tried to apologize but she didn’t let me, she left. I felt lost at this, I was going to be a father? Was that why Stacy had been acting up? I drove down to Clover’s hospital with what seemed like the speed of light but I couldn’t seem to get out of the car, I sat there and just thought, by the time I finally got in it was 12.15 am I had spent the last hour and 45mins thinking, Nneka was by her madam’s corner, she too had slept off so I didn’t wake either of them up.

I woke up bemused, Stacy pregnant? I was going to be a father? I was so lost in thought that I didn’t recognize that I too had been admitted until she came in… Ruby greeted me in a voice that was all too familiar, I didn’t want to wake up, I shut my eyes hoping it was nightmare, but each time I opened my eye she seemed closer to me than before, she was back. Jay we found you in a pool of blood close to my office in the wee hours of the morning, I had heard someone call me but paid no heed I was on call, to my surprise I came out and found you on the floor unconscious, how are you feeling? It took a while for me to realize where I was, and then forever to remember the incident she just explained but by the time I was done I began to blink excessively, Ruby had a torch to my eye, she was muttering something to the nurse about shock and maybe a partial stroke. I finally spoke, Ruby? You are here?

[Continues next week Friday]



  1. But, how did I get lost? 🤔🤔🤔 I was so in until he was the admitted one… I see the wordplay by the way… you be keeping it 💯


    • The idea dear is for you to think you know it, until you realize that only I know it…#evillaughandgrin#. Tnx for your patience and patronage


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