You’re cuddled up in his arms,
Not sure you know- I miss your charms.
I take all the blame,
Your unalloyed love I traded for fame.


I held my pride like I should have held you,
Times together were scantily few.
You cried out your eyes under the moon,
Smiling falsely at noon.


I used to fill your heart every feet,
Now I’m searching the room for an empty seat.
I sit here in the moonlight forlorn,
Good old days with you are gone.


Our love was killed on the abattoir of hate,
Maybe this is fate.
Jealousy gives me sarcastic winks,
I just can’t severe our hearts’ links.


Not sure you know; not sure you know,
How I miss the days we walk in the snow.
Hand in hand like we’ll last forever,
Are we gonna make up ever?

© Darey


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