I have seen a bit of life to know that nothing lasts forever
I have seen a bit of life to know that good and evil, exist together
I have lived enough to tell that the memories of a good man,
are always recanted with a smile and lit-up face.
The encomiums apportioned to an evil man,  leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Life isn’t a bed of roses… true
It is a long journey filled with smooth roads,  potholes and death-traps
At times, wringing out the hope we have,  until a weak heart has none no more
But still presenting each of us with chances to break through and be unshackled
That this chances don’t come in equal amounts doesn’t mean they don’t come
Making them count is what really matters
And though those that have failed to take their chances,  those blind
enough to let their chances slip away,
Think that life isn’t fair,
I think life is an hunting expedition,  where you should make every
bullet count,
Not blaming the god of the forest,  for your mishits.

But did I say life is a long journey?
There comes the mystery of life again….
To one it is made a long journey,  to another it is but a short stroll
What matters is not the number of years we have lived
It is out impact in the Earthling land that matters.
Some people come and leave no trace,
Some come and their impact is written on the sands of time, to be
washed away by the winds of change
A few come and engrave theirs eternally,  on the rock of reminiscence,
nothing can rub it off.


I don’t know how short I have come to stay
I don’t know how much time is left for me
But I know that the crow of life hovers always in the sky
To perform its sacrosanct duty,  to deal me a last crow
So as I tread the smooth and patchy paths,
Knowing posterity can’t wait to judge me,
With my actions,  I write my own epitaph.


Compiled by Femi  (ig:poet_femi)



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