She cringed as his hand touched her shoulder. His broad hard hand gave a soft touch. He pulled her lightly and she twirled to face him, smiling as their gazes met.  His hand drooped down her arms as the other, simultaneously, slid up her thighs till it settled on her waist.



Like a game of cat and mouse, she stepped back, slowly, as he stepped forward. Each step forward induced a step back. He let a sly cocky grin.

His thoughts sang a thousand songs as he looked into her eyes. There she was, the girl he likes, permitting his gentle touches. Her dark slender body, clad in a tight and sports bra, exhibiting all her curves and  small protruding breasts that begged to be cupped.

She let a muffled cry as he pulled her close to him. Her pulse shot up a notch as her breasts touched his hard hairy chest. She slid her hands, gently, up the ridges of his abdomen, brushing his nipple, to his chest.

She pushed, lightly, on his chest then turned to walk away. Not so fast,  he thought, walking after her till she was in his arms again. With her buttocks against his hidden erection and his hands crossed on her belly, he leaned forward, face beside hers, breathing deeply on her neck.


In one swift move, he spun her round and held her, tightly, to his chest. She let a coy smile as she heard his speedy heartbeat. She heard the songs they sang and ran her fingers up his spine.

He’d waited long for this. Now, all he wanted was to taste her lips and cup her small round breasts.

“Bravo! Bravo!” Their dance instructor praised as he clapped.


Again, he was caught in the same dance.


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