[Continued from last week Friday Pander III]

I found myself longing to be with him again, I had a soft spot for him. He made me remember how good I used to be, how good I could be and I felt special again after what seemed like a lifetime ago. Now I sat hearing my heart throb unaided, he all of a sudden had become my ailment, but why didn’t he call me? I sent a text “shy much? It’s Bella’’

                              * *  *
…As I lay in bed mentally juxtaposing the nights with Bella and Stacy, I received a text from a strange number” shy much? It’s Bella’’ How did she get my number? I acted like I didn’t know, although I purposely left my number at the reception in hopes that she’d use it, indeed she did.
As my sexual frustration grew amidst many other unsavory attitudes Stacy showed, I began to notice the maid Nneka, as local as she was, I began to find her attractive. My imaginations ran wild, but nothing compared to my thoughts of the thot.

                                   * * *
…Finally he called, he wanted to see me after what seemed like an eternity although in reality it was just seven days ago, he’d be at the gold-crest hotel again, same room, would that be our rendezvous point? What was I to wear? I had spent the last seven days groping wistfully for Jay’s touch.

Pander.jpg                                 * * *
…I’d been waiting for twenty minutes and my guilt rose now more than my excitement, I called her and before it rang she picked or that was how I felt. I was going to tell her not to bother, but her voice was all I needed to flush the guilt away.

                                * * *
…”Hey stranger” my excitement made me squeak or so I felt, he was silent and then like a perfect gentleman that he was, he asked where I was so he’d come pick me up.
…i cleaned my already clean house, although I knew he wouldn’t come in, but I hoped he would, I dressed up very decently but quite sexy too, I needed to impress him.

                                  * * *
I got to her house about fifteen long minutes later, the wait was worth it, she stood by the door looking so green, although the chances were that sooner or later, such greenness would lead me to an inevitable disaster I took the chance.
As I sat in his car studying and was undressing her with my eyes, she knew I was impressed so she purposefully  walked towards me as slowly as she could, I knew the idea was to seduce me. It worked like a charm.
I rushed out and opened the door for her, “good afternoon handsome’’ she greeted, I smiled” good afternoon beau” I replied. The drive down wasn’t so boring, I realized we had at least one thing in common, our love for soccer, the upside being we supported the same club.
We got to room 224 but she had an idea, I noticed her spontaneous side, it excited me if for nothing it kept me interested. She walked into the conjoining room, the one we hadn’t peered into the last time we were here.

       She came out again and this time it was in her lingerie, pulling him by my tie she led me to the door. As we got to the door, grabbing her from behind I rubbed my crotch against her soft ass… she had a naughty smirk as she turned around and winked at me. She knelt and grabbed me by the crotch, I swear her stroking made me speak Latin. I grabbed her again, this time by her head, moving to the rhythm of the blow job she gave, the words I uttered, I can’t seem to recall. We spent the rest of the day together.


                                * * *

As I put my clothes back on, he helped me pack up my make-up that was littered around the dressing table, he sat up and the conversation that ensued threw me off balance, I literally stumbled although every word seemed like a revelation.

                               * * *

I got home trying to avoid any confrontations from Stacy but to my surprise she looked so unperturbed by my lateness, it was quarter past ten. Her calmness amused me so much so that the guilt that should have come with my being with Bella was naught. After our conversation I felt some sort of relief, she was a great listener, she spoke of her time in the convent and her face glowed I almost jumped at her again. Watching her speak and gesture I knew she could never really call the street home, I tried to convince her to go back to the convent and oddly she agreed. We spoke for a while and that was all I needed to bless my Sunday, I realised I had never met a lady as versatile. I might have pushed my luck a bit too much when I spoke to her about my wedding and Stacy, but I was of the mentality that thots never really cared about such things after all there was a popular saying that ashawo no they catch feelings, I stood corrected that night.

                                 * * *
I decided he was right, I’d leave for the convent by morning’s light, if for nothing at least so I could redeem my soul and find peace.

                              * * *

The week ran by as I tried to mend my ways with Stacy, it was Sunday again we were late for church as usual, but my eyes beheld the eighth wonder, it was Bella the most beautiful nun I ever had seen. She carried about her duties so faithfully but I could only see her in thongs, I tried to pray or concentrate but it was all in vein, it wasn’t long before to Stacy’s eye I felt prey, because although she was the reason we always came late to church, she never failed to remind me to stand up, or sit or kneel promptly. Today I payed her no heed, I stared shamelessly at Bella, her long legs and the things she could do with them I knew, her lips as she sang the hymns, I already kissed them, I knew how they felt as she brushed them against my junk, Lord knew I was mentally fucking her in the church. It took a lot of self control to keep me from ripping her clothes off, before I could come to my senses I heard the priest say grace, Stacy’s eyes were piercing red with anger and disgust but she said nothing about it, thankfully.

Not a word about Bella after church, Stacy sat quietly in the car, she in fact was too quiet it scared me. I almost confessed to her and rendered an apology but she didn’t seem to care enough to need those unnecessary details now. I sat looking jolly although I tried to hide it, I realized today though Bella hadn’t said it that she had begun to like me, it pleased me oddly, I imagined us cuddling, I imagined a life with her but what got me excited the most was the fact that she could make anything look sexy. Her in a nun-ish outfit or her in thongs, she looked so beautiful, I began looking forward to another Sunday just to see those beautiful green eyes again……………[Continues next week Friday]



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