I ran down the path

Oblivious to the wounds on my body,

The scars branches adorned my body with,

I was being chased by a werewolf

I would tend to the scars later,

If I survived that is,

My existence was at stake

I struggled to outrun it

I thought I did.


I got to a stream,

Scooped water on my face

I looked at my reflection

In the gleaming puddle

To determine the extent of damage

I didn’t see the chubby dirty face I expected,

I saw the werewolf.


I looked back at the path I came from

Then into the water

The werewolf stared back at me

His monstrous teeth dripping saliva

I flexed my arms, he did the same

I had become the monster I was trying to outrun

And in my reflection, I was reaching for my throat.

My claws at the ready,

To put an end to the chase.


I woke up covered in blood in my birthday dress with claws for fingers



  1. Hmmmmmmmmm
    Dats a piece to meditate on….
    Many oppressed people turn out to become the oppressors…
    D hunted turn to become the hunter.
    Let the current situation of Nigeria not turn the good citizenry to the monster they have worked hard to subdue within.
    Nice job @blogger.

    Liked by 1 person

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