[Continued from last week Friday Pander II]

…I could not sit to decipher because Stacy my lady appeared dazzling and I still was unready. “Babe I’ll be ready in a few” I said in a stoic tone and with what was a failed attempt to be romantic I said “you look stunning”. She smiled “okay babe, don’t keep me waiting” her voice so angelic. I dressed up and we got into the car, I began undressing her with my eyes, I looked at her like she was cake and I a swarm of flies but a harsh reality came knocking as I looked into hazel colored eyes. I again remembered Bella, what did she mean.
At the end of what seemed like an unending reception I had just one thing in my perverted mind, I had paid for the penthouse in the most luxurious hotel in town much to the delight of my lady Stacy which was my plan, an excited Stacy could be wild in bed and that was exactly what I needed. Stacy had told me in the heat of the reception that she had a surprise for me later on, I could hardly wait. She did something then that excited me even more, she licked my ears down the side of my face and down to my cheek before planting a kiss on my lip. Stacy was a very jealous lass who was never afraid to put on a show, she’d publicly display her affection, everyone knew I was hers. As we got to the door I had to play it cool with a lot of stealth after all if I got too excited two nights in a row it wouldn’t be good for my health.
As I unlocked and pushed the door open the scenery made a mockery of the gold crest hotel it was magnificent. I also hadn’t seen the room before paying for it, it was Stacy’s choice, little wonder she picked it. The room had gold and cream colored wall papers with what seemed like Picasso’s painted abstracts the blinds were of a certain coffee colored type and the scent of the room was lavender, the bed my Lord the bed I believe was made for kings. I could no longer hide my excitement as the scenery already turned me on, hard on.


As I sat on the chair by the corner of the room, taking of my shoes, Stacy my beautiful bride came up to me and said “I’m stuck” trying to hide the smile already forming by the corner of her mouth, “help me please” I quickly unzipped her as she leaned over me and dimmed the light of the chandelier, she put on a show as she slowly took of her gown, getting me harder with each move she made, off with the gown and she had only her petti-coat on and a thigh high netty host, its holes allowing me see her beautiful caramel skin, I had almost forgotten how beautiful her body was. She was unlike Bella, she was a true African woman with a nicely molded ass and cupped breasts she wasn’t a stick figured Barbie doll, she was big and bold a size 10 in the least with the most beautiful and innocent smile I ever had seen. I began to imagine so many things as she sat on the cream colored satin sheets, I thought of naughty deeds but then her tiny yet beautiful voice drew me back to my beautiful reality “come over babe let me make you cum”. “Try” i replied, I knew she was just being sly. I played hard to get asking her to come over instead, she readily obliged cat walking down to me she crossed her legs over me and began to grind on me, oh that amazing grind, she didn’t need to unzip my pants because she was here now only to tease me. She saw that this pleased me then she placed my hands on her boobs and pressed them hard as she let out a hushed moan, wow she was really ready for me. Slowly and lightly she bit my lower lip before kissing me for what seemed like an eternity.
She got up from me and by this time she was already wet, I drew her back and nibbled on her ears while stroking her back and working my way down her thighs, I slowly began by fiddling with her panties before slipping my finger into her pussy she let out another moan though a little louder, I thrusted it in and out slowly and as it widened I doubled my finger, she became louder so I was sure it pleased her and this enticed me. She began to scream louder saying harder, I stopped and threw her on the bed then I brought out the big guns, using my tongue, Stacy spoke in tongues, by the time I stopped my mouth was filled with cum. Now it was time for her to return the favor but she dryly refused me the kind gesture, I hid my frustration and slowly slipped my slightly softened dick into her. That was all we needed to call it a night.

By morning light, I sat up comparing the night that came before I knew I shouldn’t have but something was missing with Stacy, yes she was the love of my life and she tried hard to please me but lately its felt like her libido just didn’t match mine. I had vowed no longer to speak about my sexual dissatisfaction, so I got up and went into the shower and there was Bella. She stood there stack naked beckoning at me and without second guessing I rushed in hoping she’d give me what I needed but then Stacy called for me and woke me up from my dream. Morning babe she said, morning my love I replied trying to hide the stench of alcohol that oozed from my mouth from her. I knew she hated the smell of alcohol but last night I drowned myself in alcohol to subdue my sexual frustration. She smelt it, she was pissed. Stacy my lady was hot-tempered that was her only other flaw, she snapped at me, “you drank? On our special night Jay you drank? After I told you how much I hated it, where when and why did you? Are you purposely trying to piss me off or what?” She ranted “I’m sure as hell that it wasn’t at the reception and you didn’t attend the after party so where and when?” She was searching my face for an answer, one I gave seeming unperturbed “after you slept I was bored so I went and joined Nigel at the after-party, it was just on the next floor, I didn’t think you’d mind, besides it was in our honor wasn’t it?” At this she became enraged, I walked into the bathroom and shut the door because unlike Stacy I knew how to manage anger, and before we’d turn this into an episode with a rather unhappy end I needed to give her space. I heard her call Nigel and rant some stuff I didn’t bother myself with as I turned on the shower.
As I got out of the shower I found her sitting by the bedpost looking remorseful but she still didn’t utter a word.

I left my phone number with the receptionist hoping that Jay would call but a whole day had past and still no call. I thought about how kind and gentle he had been and I prayed that to my wild side he had been blind but it was naught.………[Continues next week Friday]



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