I stood still staring at the water.

In front of the sea on evenings like this, certainly was not the best place to ponder.


I felt the need to say a prayer,

Then I heard his voice;

Deep but calm even in the noise

Slowly I turned while I maintained my poise.

He looked too good almost without a flaw: handsome and tall and all…

I walked slowly towards him pretending to be on a call,

Our eyes met and he smiled. I knew he was here to make me fall.

In his hands, he had a pen and a note pad,

Beside him, looked like materials to make a card;

It was the season that everyone wanted to prove their love so bad.

I walked back towards the water and continued staring.

That deep voice again, but I did not know what it was saying,

It went on and on, I was not sure if he was singing.

I was trying to pick out the song then the voice drew closer,

It was not a song. This time i heard it clearer;

“beautiful eyes with a hair colour that complimented her skin perfectly”

The line caught my thought, he had to be a writer!

I turned around like he had drawn my attention

He walked slowly towards me and smiled with passion

I was puzzled but my heart seemed to love his audition;

“I see her around often though she never spoke a word, images of her cloud my mind like a flood

Today, just like always, she looked like a dime
And I hoped she could spare me few minutes of her time
Please do not lose interest as I break the rhyme
I thought it will make you smile if I asked you to be my val…”

He went down on his knees, as he proposed,

I smiled but my mind opposed;

Whereas my heart screamed yes! I suppose.

Yes! And Yes! I Said



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