You walk too seriously with your eyes straight ahead like they are focused at a point but we both know that all you see is a hazy media, like the world was purposely blurred just to test your ability to get the clearest image. In your head is where the main battle takes place, your castle in the sky is well built and refined by the day but how do you lay the foundation that would reach it?


At some point the way to laying this foundation gets clear but once you put your mind to it, it blurs instantly. You worry about this, you worry about your mind, you worry about your castle, you worry about the road, you worry about the road that leads to your castle, you worry about the road that leads to the road that leads to your castle, you worry about where you stand, about the ground beneath your feet, oh you worry about the appropriate shoe to wear to explore this road and then you wonder “are there other routes?” so you explore each route and wear yourself thin because each route comes with its challenges and of course its lesson but may not necessarily take you an inch closer to your castle. The weariness creates an aura that makes it seem like the weight of the world is on you, your confusion grows and all you seem to be doing is struggle.


When finally you give up the struggle and remember to breathe in and out, you’d find out that you’ve only lived in your head and created more hurdle than there is. You’d see that it got clear and you single-handedly made it blurry in your head and the route you explored…you explored blindly because you spent most of the time creating more problems in your head than watching for where they led. I hope it’s not too late to realize that it’s not that deep and all you need is to trust and believe, make a plan and get out of your head for the builders, the buildings and its materials would be useless if the architect left his drawing in his head.



Compiled by Charismarie



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