I decided to take a walk on the bridge. There’s something about Sunday evenings… the sunset, the singing birds, the breeze slowly blowing through my hair, the calmness of the waters “Nature is indeed very amazing”, I thought but my mind didn’t match the moment.

My heart was troubled, I thought of how I’ll be deprived of enough sleep as I had to make it to work early enough the next day, how rough the week seemed already not to talk of the economic situation of the country… as far as I was concerned, there was too much to worry about.

Then she flew across my head abruptly as she perched on the branch of the almond tree. Her voice was loud and I wondered what had gone wrong. “What’s the matter beautiful? Has there been an accident? Did the driver just zoom off? Was the victim going to survive? ” I panicked within myself but she didn’t stop. I tried to be calm and see if I’ll understand; her this time. I tried to ignore the negativity and worries in my heart. I felt a bit free like some burden was lifted off me and there! I got it!! She was singing!!! She had been singing from the beginning. It sounded like a song of praise, joy and gladness. Wow! What a time to be alive. My heart sank. When did I become so lost in worries and not remember how to praise. How did I let bad situations drown me so bad that I forgot what it meant to be alive. I knew something had to change. I had to be more positive about life. In any situation I found myself, I had to just sing like the beautiful bird. Life is full of ups and downs. At my highs when I’m so excited, I want to praise and thank God for the blessings. At my lows, when I feel a bit disappointed, I want to be able to tell the devil that I have a lovely voice and I’m not afraid to sing my way back up.



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