[Continued from last week Friday PANDER 1]

…She smiled at me then recoiled under the sheets and said “Jay why did you do that at the pub” referring to the unpleasant incident. I replied and said “I felt the need to put the bastard straight and protect you” . She sat up studying me for a bit and then she asked why? Swiftly I responded because by saying you deserve to be respected, again she studied me, slowly she walked up to me and pulled down my faded jeans and then stopped as if she was astonished at the full size of my junk. It was about 11 inches when fully erect something I was really proud of but I was sure she might have seen bigger, she slowly massaged my ego before stroking it hard which she noticed I seemed to love a lot then she looked up to me her green eyes piercing and said head? I nodded slightly and then she asked again too fast? I’m sure I blushed but replied no. She pushed me to the bed and started off stroking me gently again running her tongue from the cap of my cock down to my balls and then hardening her grip of my junk and stroking hardest as she sucked me looking like she was going to choke she thrust it deeper and deeper and it excited me so. I think I hit orgasm and then just at the point where I was going to ejaculate she stopped and said my name, “Jay do you like it?” I replied hastily “I love it”, at this, she asked me to take of my white shirt already smelling of her perfume I took it off immediately as she licked me all the way up to my nipples there she made circular movements with her tongue the sensation I loved ever so much and then slowly she rose her head towards me and said “Jay what are you thinking right now?” A question I found hard to comprehend at the time as I was no longer thinking, I smiled cockily and replied that my libido matches yours, she went back to my nipples as though she didn’t hear me and continued to nibble at them as though I was sugar coated or something of the sort. This night though guilt tripped was one of the best nights I had ever had.

I woke up wrapped up in the sheets with Jay’s scent all around, the scent was peculiar to him I should know I’ve been with many men. I saw a note by the coffee table “breakfast by 6.30 am”. It was 6.28am at the time and still no sign of Jay. I got up from where I lay and walked towards the window whose blind allowed a little bit of sun-ray enter the room, the view as I pulled back the blind was amazing, I’ve been to very many places but this was paradise. I heard a knock at the door looked up at the grand wall clock and indeed it was 6.30am breakfast time. I rushed to the door excited to see Jay but alas it was only a maid, she smiled and said “hey! Good morning”, morning I replied as I tried to look as descent as I could covered in sheets, she brought in a tray that had on it bread and scrambled eggs with coffee and cream. “There is a rose and some chocolate” she said the Mister asked me to give this to you so it’ll sweeten your day. I felt my cheeks flush red as she put down the tray and left, such a gentleman I thought.

After breakfast I looked around the room for my clothes getting very uncomfortable now not knowing were Jay was, had he left? Was he just another stranger I had shared a bed with or was he more? The clock rang a beautiful symphony that reminded me of my days in the convent, when I was an innocent and pure soul, the days far before now, when I sang in the choir and weekly renewed my vows. It was 7.00am and still no sign of Jay but I had found my clothes neatly placed in the wardrobe. There still were some fine linen and as I unwrapped them, I noticed they had tags on them, my eyes widened when I saw a note stuck on one of the tags it’s all yours, thanks for your company love Jay please check the drawer. I found this rather amusing, no one ever left me notes or got me presents the best I got was a miserable breakfast and I was off. This was something I could easily get used to or was it? I rushed to the drawer and found an envelope when I opened it… I held my breath I hadn’t seen this much money up close at least not for a night, I sat and wondered at what time he had done all of these, I saw a note sticking out of the envelope that read “you deserve better Bella”. I sat back on the bed the weight of the situation pushing me to tears, he was gone? One night with a strange man I knew only by the name Jay reminded me of how special I used to be. As I got into the shower tears running down my face I remembered the convent where I had spent my earlier days, I was called Purity back then, I had large green eyes and short black hair, I wasn’t as beautiful as I am now, but I was much sadder at my last days there, in fact I felt emptier. The priest then had become fond of me and oddly I of him, I’d sing so gladly in the choir and he’d sing praises of me loudly as he preached. One day I went to him for confessions I had thought of him kissing me and doing the things I had read in the novels to me, I had loved it so much that I went into the bathroom and for the first time masturbated finding so much delight in it although I knew it was sin. After the confession that day I left not knowing that, that was the last I’d see or hear of him. He died in his sleep that night and my friend Mary said that God had taken him so he wouldn’t sin by being with me. At the point I believed her and I felt God was just being cruel. I was angry and so I decided to leave the convent that night, but that was the beginning of the dilemma that soon would become my life. I successfully scaled the fence when I noticed a strange man, he had seen me jump down I was scared that he’d take me back so I began to explain but he started walking towards me and I got scared but before I could turn to run someone grabbed me from behind, a third person also appeared all three men had their turns with me. I turned off the shower and sat by the drawer looking at the note which read “you deserve better Bella” and I wept more bitterly than I had that unfaithful night.


My bachelor’s night was over yet my conscience plagued me standing at the altar waiting for my bride, her deep green eyes haunted me again I found myself thinking of Bella. I had run-off on her in the wee hours of the morning leaving her some money and a couple of notes but I couldn’t seem to get her out of my head. I felt the need to do more, I had been with many street girls in my youth but she was different and I didn’t want her thinking of me as just any other guy for some reason although I was sure that, that was what I was. Again saved by a ding it was a text from the gold crest hotel… but before I could read it…there she was Stacy the most beautiful bride in the world and the best part was that she was all mine. Her beauty radiated she looked so elegant in her gown and I couldn’t believe she was going to be mine. After the joining we said our vows and I kissed my bride, I couldn’t wait to take her home. It felt like our love had just been rekindled and then again Bella. I read the text on my phone while Stacy went to get changed for the reception, I was supposed to be changing as well but the content of the text caught me. “I longed for more in life, I found more and more thought I deserved better…the irony of life love Bella”. What did it mean?………[Continues next week Friday]

Written by Onyinye



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