I still see her eyes,
Shinning in the horizon of the skies.
Her lips sealed,
Information on her whereabouts concealed.
My love is taken away from me,
Her dazzling beauty I can’t see.
Hers is one of the two hundred vacant beds-
Empty,lying with cobwebs.
Red eyed fellows in family steads,
Shocked and in tears,wagging heads.
The joy of a lover pauses,
I’m wailing for my love captured by Boko’s forces.
She was among the helpless captured girls,
To me priced above jewels and pearls.
She was blown away by the wind of restiveness:

With no conscience or fearfulness.
Oh men that walk in the dark!
When shall you bring her back?
Amina where can I find you?
I’ve got no map,not even a clue.
I’ll head towards the north,
The looming shadows of Sambisia I fear not.
Armed with Cupid’s arrow and my bow,
With the strength of love conquering every foe.
Bring her back or take me there,
Amina a love to me so dear.
I crave for her breath again to feel,
And her goodly smile my soul to heal.
Bring back my love just in time,
Cos my breath fails in this clime.


Compiled by Darey



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