I was ready for work pretty early; 6:29, there was a feeling of satisfaction knowing that I won’t have to walk like I’m being chased by a crooked old man.

I felt tiny drops on my shoulder “Please be the morning dew” I prayed silently. No It wasn’t…”  The cloud was pregnant and it was obvious that it’s expected to deliver soon. I didn’t panic because the security post wasn’t too far from where I stood but I definitely had to walk like I was being chased. This time the crooked old man seemed really out to get me. 


“Good morning, can I sit here for a while please” I asked in the most polite manner. “Sure, please sit” he replied almost like it was a pleasure to have me sit next to him.   “How was your night ma’am” he asked smiling at me “Very well, thank you” I said briefly, I was obviously avoiding a conversation. I reached for my phone to see what my daily devotion had in store for today; may be it’ll help me be happy about the rain. It talked about suffering, not what I expected but I read it anyway. Few minutes later another security man walked in, we greeted. He looked surprised to see the rain “it’s not raining where I’m coming from.” where? I asked. I wasn’t surprised at all, I’d seen something like that before. It would rain in a particular place and not the other but the same area. I’d always just thought mother nature gets really playful sometimes. I wanted to know where it wasn’t raining; if it wasn’t far I could risk getting wet with hopes to get dry on my way to work. “Just the junction before this one” he replied confidently. Aha! I had to go finally.  “I’m sorry I don’t have an umbrella, a beautiful girl like you really shouldn’t get wet on a Monday morning” the first security man said with compassion in his voice. “It’s not a problem, I’ll be fine.” I said and hurried out into the rain. “Have a lovely day and be careful my dear” at least that’s what I thought I heard him say next. It really wasn’t raining here. I smiled cheerfully. Then it dropped again, this time on my face. It certainly wasn’t the morning dew. I panicked, everyone went about looking for where to take shade, nobody apologized for not having an umbrella to shade me from the rain, nobody cared if I was too beautiful to get wet on a Monday morning.


Then I remembered the security man who had shown me care even when I was too busy to notice. I stood still with my face down. How many other people have shown me so much love and care and I just stood there without paying attention? I pondered. This day was definitely a lesson, one I’ll never forget and I certainly learned something, to pay attention to the ones who love and care for me.




  1. Thank you for this story. So often we are in a hurry to notice or distracted by what we want to see, we don’t realize the beautiful people or rhe simple things to appreciate them.

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