I let go, I let go of the memories, I let go of trying to find answers, I let go of trying to fix what I thought was missing. I let go of the need to sit and brood over my incapability and that was when I found you.

With you came calmness of the mind  and body… of the soul. Calmness that clearly differentiates itself  from quietness. It is from within and in its totality takes you far away from anxiety, anger, disturbance and worry.

One breath at a time; long calm and peaceful breathes each with contentment born not out of lack of challenges but out of knowledge and total trust that it all works out the right way.

Serenity that can only be achieved from solitude giving you a chance to connect with self, knowing that what is within is only yours to reach and control. Serenity born out of understanding and appreciation of every  unique trait present, oblivious of the world’s definition and acceptance.

The state of mind of peace, the state of mind I cherish, so difficult to achieve yet easy to lose to a chaotic state. One day you came when I wasn’t trying to find you. You came when I lost control and allowed nothing to hold me back. You came when I decided to do my bit and let go of the pressure to have it all at once. I finally achieved this state of mind that comes with a change in our perception of life’s challenges and brings a change in our perception of everything else.

This state of mind of contentment, serenity and calmness is a state of perfection where peace, self-love and satisfaction abounds so that with each breath comes more peace even in the face of challenges… oh solace, my state of humanly perfection, I found you and I’m never letting go.



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