Kobi wasn’t a particularly difficult child but his mother was a deeply devout Pentecostal and she constantly worried at his lack of loyalty to the church and indifference to holy activities. He had to endure repeated sessions sitting in front of the pastor being quizzed about his religious conviction, whilst being threatened with eternal damnation as the end point for all sinful young souls. The pastor was quite effective at his portrayal of the scary prospects that awaited church strays but the fear was usually short-lived. During one particularly boring session, a long line of termites going in and out of their living quarters in the church building’s frail wooden superstructure had caught his attention. The terse lecture on all the unsavory applications of fire and brimstone receded into the background. The movement of the insects, so coordinated fascinated him. How could they carry out such seemingly programmed actions so fluidly? So easily? His mother noticed his attention had gone AWOL “Listen to what the pastor is saying!!!” Her high pitched voice bounced painfully against his ear drums interrupting his musing. He looked at her face streaked with premature age lines, pious rage and frustration at his unaffected attitude to the clergyman’s words. “Sister Gloria leave him be, the Lord will arrest him in due time” She didn’t seemed satisfied but thanked the Holy man and they started for the exit. 

As soon as they were out of sight his mother soundly smote the back of his head in a futile attempt to drive in a bit of the much desired piety. “Sister Gloria!” His mother had jerked and turned guiltily, but the pastor wasn’t interested in the sinister smacking “Thanksgiving service is next week, remember to come before the Lord with your best…”  



  1. Subtle, bros.
    But I’m picking up on the “religion = death of intellectual curiosity” angle here that oversabi will not let me keep quiet about.
    Fun fact: the Dark Ages were had both the highest amount of religious piety and probably the lowest amount of technological/scientific achievement ever in the history of civilization.

    Also I would have ended up with repeated head trauma like Kobi here but I grew up Catholic so I could, and usually did, the whole stand up/kneel down/mutter Latin chants/go for Communion thing in my sleep.

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