With deep green eyes a body slender and only curving where it was supposed to she stood by the corner of the street, I could already picture her in my sheets. I pulled over just beside her and let her beauty dazzle me for a while before I was drawn back to reality by her very seductive tone, “Hi stranger, talk much?” Her words serenaded my very essence they soothed the guilt that came with my being here and again I just looked at her and coughed out the name Jay. Jay her pronunciation of my name seeming so divine.

“Do you need company for the night?” I thought to myself I’d like her company for the rest of my life, all I heard myself say though was “yes if you’d oblige me” . Her answer depicting her somewhat jovial nature, I’m loving our progress from monosyllabic answers to getting to know each other, a beautiful smile cutting across her perfectly moulded lips, Oh I could already imagine kissing them. “Yes tonight and probably a day after” she replied and that sinister look she gave showing her obviously naughty side. I smiled right back and unlocked the car, rushing out to open the passenger’s side for her, this for some reason seemed to please her, her words thereafter “only a real man do that for a girl of my kind”, those words registered in my mind, a girl of her kind.

What was I doing here on the eve of the day I’d say I do? Stacy my lady was beautiful, every man’s dream woman but for the last couple of months, shortly after our engagement, copulation with her seemed so humdrum. I had spoken to her about it being a very practical person that I am but she always seemed to pick up a fight. She had, had me begging at the end of those conversations. What she failed to notice was that a man like me could only take so much. I had driven past Bella six times this week and it was only Tuesday, this month I had begun to stalk her for some reason after seeing her at Frank’s bachelor party. She was sitting beside me now at a local pub bub in hand and it still felt like my imagination, her blouse revealing enough to leave me wanting. I beckoned on the waiter who couldn’t seem to get his eyes of Bella, and ask for our bill. I paid and left him a tip, his next move I couldn’t believe, he stuck the wad of cash in his hands into Bella’s popping out cleavage and on impulse I couldn’t help but pull him over and give him a well deserved pumping. Her face flushed red with embarrassment at this sexual harassment although I was sure she had been through this several times. As we left the Godforsaken pub I reached out and open the door again for her but this time my kind gesture was met with stern look for what seemed like forever although in reality it was about thirty seconds before she reached for the door and slammed it. I could already see the tears forming at the corner of her eyes and for some reason I felt weak. The drive to the gold crest hotel after that was a long and quiet one, it was awkward but her being beside me made it worthwhile.

As we pulled over she grabbed me by my crotch slightly and then harder the feelings I had moving from excitement to pain within a swift second and then she released me opening the door like nothing had happened. I got out immediately after, I had already made prior arrangements for a room so we got into the elevator and headed for the tenth floor. She leaned over me whilst in it and I lost my calm picking her up and kissing her like my life depended on it saved by the ding a sound I hated at this point I put her down gently as we headed left for room 224. I believe she saw my eagerness as she took the key from my sweaty palms and opened the door. My eyes widened in realization, I hadn’t seen the room I had paid for, it was just instinct at the time I fancied the number but the price not quite. As I walked into the room I noticed it was a double suite painted cream with purple flowered drapery running down on either sides of the room, the bed was as big as the one that Stacy would have loved to put in our bedroom had I not stopped her, the abstract painting on the wall added to its already perfect scenery the conjoining room I wouldn’t bother myself with at the time, all I noticed was that its chandelier seemed like it emitted lights from heaven and by the time I cast my sight back at Bella she was already undressed on the bed, legs wide opened leaving everything in plain sight. “Uhm l-l-lets take things slow I stuttered as I spoke”…[Continues next week Friday] 

Written by Onyinye



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