I choose to let go of yesterday and everything that happened in it. I choose to let go of the sad memories and every disappointment and hurtful feeling it brings. Iโ€™m letting go of the people who bring sad memories and hurtful feelings too as I choose my happiness today. I choose to dwell on good and happy memories and I choose my happiness over all.

Today, Iโ€™m making a choice to be in control of my happiness, to let it come from within as it ought to. Today I choose to do what makes me smile and gives my soul strength. I choose to be in control of my actions and not be controlled by the want to make an impression. Today, I choose my own kind of joy over any joy that could come from expectation and making a good impression.

I choose to make myself my priority and to love myself right. To care for my heart like I want it to be cared for, who else could do it better? Today I choose me and I choose to give the world everything that comes from being me.



    • Of course dear, no one can, i can only try to help the little way i know. I’m open to suggestions like my bio says, so if you have suggestions for a new writeup or you have a writeup or poem that you’d like to post, i’m open to it๐Ÿ˜ƒ


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