What kind of girl?

Is satisfied being your honey

Doesn’t want just your money

Lets you know you’re funny

Makes lonely dark nights sunny

What kind of girl?

Awakes you with an early kiss

Tells how much of you she miss

To false rumors of haters hiss

Isn’t just bae, a Sis

What kind of girl?

After mundane things doesn’t lust

Knowing they end up in rust

Smiles and cheer never paused

Etiquette and virtue nursed

What kind of girl?

Calls just to say hello

Is always there like your shadow

Builds up and watches you grow

Seeds of love in you sow

What kind of girl?

Is tranquil, doesn’t yell

Not obnoxious as a loud bell

Secrets entrusted doesn’t tell

The truth she buys, doesn’t sell

What kind of girl?

I could keep asking on and on

Till the night becomes morn

As she smiles on the lawn

At last, bring me dawn

Compiled by Darey



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