They think, you think, they talk, you do too, they cry so do you, they sleep, you sleep too, they make wrong decisions just like you and right ones too. Sometimes, they get hurt, sensitive and pray to God for help and answers. Just like you they cannot answer their own prayers and are not sure of their decisions, so what makes them more important than you are? Why do you make them your priority? Why choose their thoughts over your own? Who told you that their thoughts are facts? …you know there is always that person out there who thinks your thoughts are facts too and puts them first but you know better because you know the options you had in your mind, you know the doubts and have made up other scenarios. They try to impress you because they don’t know your mind, they don’t know about this so they keep trying to give you the impression they think you’d like, they don’t know that you are not sure of yourself and whatever impression you get does not change who they are.

        Stop yourself from trying to impress, shun the need to give them what you think they would want to see, they don’t have your soul, they don’t have your mind, you own them! So be in control. Why do you want to be the same with them? Why would you want two of them in this world when you can give the world a gift of yourself?… They are confused and unsure too and trying to impress someone else who might be trying to impress you, so why bother? Be you! Make yourself your number one, strive to impress yourself, to give the world everything that comes with being you and watch you gain your superiority and sense of individuality.

Be an Original not a Copy…



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