I want it to be beautiful, probably not everything I imagined it to be, obviously, nothing is perfect. I want to be so into it that I can’t imagine looking out. I want to pray for every second I spend outside to go by quickly so that I can go back to the best part of “everyday”. I know it can never be perfect but I want the good times to be the best it could be. I don’t ever want to fake being happy in it, I want every joy that comes from it to be real and never one-sided.

We all deserve true happiness, we all deserve someone who feels blessed to have us and with whom we want our world to be built around. Someone you never want to see broken even when the hurt was well deserved because their pain brings more pain to you.

Some seek wealth, some seek love and even if it is not perfect…let it be beautiful; if it won’t be, then I don’t want.



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