There’s something about being in your twenties, in your teenage years you confidently say that it is the time you achieve most of your goals. You could almost swear that it would be the best time of your life because you’d have or be close to getting what you seek for the most, probably love, your dream job or wealth at an early age giving you assurance of a brighter future.

Then you hit it! You get to that age and realise making that choice that changes things isn’t easy at all. You begin to doubt everything you know and choices you’ve made. You realise that choosing one thing over another could be very difficult because you know the benefit of each of them. It is the stage of life where you begin to question your goals, your dream, happiness and the list goes on and on. You wonder if you wanted as a kid was really the right choice. At the same you are compelled to use your youthful energy to the maximum so you indulge in as many youthful and generally accepted idea of fun as you can without considering the consequences on your present life, future and goals.

             So you move around blind and confused, knowing everything you want but not how to get it or the right way to get it. You just live up to your idea of right or what has been deemed right by your peers. Yet this is the stage that determines who you become, what you achieve and how far you would go to achieve them. It is in this stage that the most part of your personality is built based on your experience so surround yourself with people with the same goal, do what you know is right, be confused but make the choices that keeps you moving towards your goal. Have fun, make mistakes but always try to think of the consequences first and never forget to forgive yourself when you realise you made a wrong decision.

There’s something about being in your twenties that sets a pace for the future, there’s something in the uncertainty and indecisiveness that comes with being in your twenties that makes the future certain and the memories linger. Give yourself a memory worth holding on to.



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