I want to help! I want to make a change! Every kid I see with a tray and a rag roaming, running after cars or even carried by a struggling mother, sun-drenched, children abandoned for death by mothers who felt they were mistakes that they could not face, left to end on their own or for death to take its slow and painful course on them. Imagine a world where it is difficult for parents to fend for their families, how do you expect a child to survive.

Some mothers who tag them “mistakes” think taking them to an orphanage home makes them better people. Well, who would stand by them when they are accused of doing something that they didn’t do? Who would beat her chest and say “I know my son, he’d never do that”? Who would tell them “babygirl, boys are gonna come around, some would be like wolves and some will be with the purest intention, but never be turned away from your goals, you are strong and can handle anything”? Who would be that caring and loving with them?, who would they tell about their day? Who would take over when their patrons feel they can’t handle them anymore? Who would never give up on them?

Someone has got to think like a child, a broken child left alone to survive, imagine if most damaged people we know were well cared for…what if that was all they wished for at one point but the world only saw them as weak or even ignored their pain.

I want to make the change, it could be the slightest change, it may go unnoticed by the world but my heart will be filled with joy if I made a child grow into an adult determined never to give up on his dreams, to fill the child’s heart with hope and change their world forever. I wish to make a difference, to make the change that would create their heaven on earth. Is someone out there seeing these children and wishes to ease their pain too?

       Life is difficult even with parental guidance and loving peers, imagine what it is when you have no one.



  1. Nice one dear… So how do you wish to make a difference, to make the change that would create their heaven on earth……i mean in what way do you wish to do that…. In case u need my help and support….. I will be there to support.

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  2. Wow this is really beautiful, amazing, inspiring, genuine and exceptional! Thanks for inspiring me, thank U for making me realize that there’s is more to this word, thank U for reminding me that there’s significance in the little help we render!

    It reminds of a quote by Mother Theresa “We cannot all do great things but we can do little things with Great Love”.
    Thank U so much Charis ❤️

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  3. Your writing has made me realize that really we all have grown as friends as from girls to young women, I cannot be more proud of you now I know we all can do a little no matter how insignificant it may seem at first thanks for making me know and thanks for making the world know and whatever support you need within my power to make a change be sure to count on me . cheers love

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