Sit baby, come have a talk with me, you cant figure it out all by yourself. Come and get your heart and mind in tune; the best advice my brain ever gave me.
I desire everything, they look like they got it all figured out,  I feel like I’m lost in the midst of people who already know their path, I feel lost even if I know I know my goal I don’t know the right path like they do. Its like knowing where you want to go but not knowing how to get there and you can’t ask anyone for help because they are far gone or they are so engrossed in their journey, you don’t want to seem weak so you keep it all in and follow blindly.
—–You can’t figure it all honey, sometimes you just have to listen to me because God puts it in our hearts. You think they figured their path?, NO, but they are ahead because they are not scared of failing and are willing to try even without knowing. Some fail a thousand times but never stop moving, some give up on the first sign of failure- that is when they are defeated, don’t be like them. Move wisely, wisdom comes from God so move with him and therefore you must listen to your heart. Never be deterred by failure, it only means something important that you ought to know has been missed out.
Follow your path according to your heart and mind, do not skip the struggle and pain for that is where the lessons come from and they’ll help you make better decisions   -we grow through pain, it is important to grow through your own pain.
Let others live theirs, focus on your path, you are strong and perfect in your imperfection so you can handle it perfectly either way, be scared but keep moving.
Oh baby, You’d figure it out, we would figure it out.



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